Friday, 25 April 2014


I have always believed that routine makes the household happier and it has returned this week. Bliss.
I know that I can't expect routines to stay the same during holidays, and I don't. The boys eating and bed times are much more relaxed, they can lounge around in the pyjamas all day and please themselves really.
My problem is that MY routine slips during holiday times. If they are off for more than a week Sunday night comes and I think "oh they haven't got school so i'll just leave the ironing" resulting in twice as much to do when I get round to it the following Sunday!
This holiday time the boys were also off with their Grandparents which had me completely confused. No clothes were needed to be put out for the following day and lunchtime would come and go without realising. My biggest problem was when I would go to bed. Every night I had to force myself not to go into their room to check them, to which I would then lay in my bed with the feeling I had forgotten to do something!
Yes routine keeps the boys feeling that they are in the know of what to expect, but really the real reason is to keep me sane! I like to think that, even if I may not be organised in other areas, the boys day to day routine is organised. Be it school time, or holidays, without the boys my daily routine is gone.
So I started this week with a double load of ironing followed with a daily routine of laying out clothes, putting lunch money out, eating dinner before 6pm and kisses before bed. One happy Mummy this week :-)
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