Thursday, 12 December 2013

Salt dough Christmas decorations

This year we decided that our Christmas tree needed to be more crafty, so we made a selection of decorations that the boys had great fun doing. They always prefer doing crafts that don't take long and these were perfect to keep them entertained. Here's how we did them, and what we used:

We used:
salt dough recipe
three different cookie cutters
glitter - different colours
PVA glue
small paint brushes
cotton wool
coloured pipe
coloured mini pompoms
different colour curling ribbon

What we did:
We made the salt dough as per the recipe, using the cutters to make the different shapes and making a hole with a skewer at the top of each of them, before placing them in the oven.
Once they were baked I placed them on a wire rack to cool completely.

To decorate we lay out all the bits we wanted to use, used the paint brushes to put glue on the area we wanted to cover and then either sprinkled on the glitter or stuck on the pompoms/cotton wool on top of the glue.
We left them over night to dry completely and I then put a piece of curling ribbon through each hole and tied so that they could be hung up.
The boys then hung the decorations up on the tree.

Hopefully the majority of them will stand up to the constant touching, although I am expecting we will have to redo some of the glitter on them next year.