Sunday, 22 September 2013

I Am Now Fluent In Spelling sdrawkcaB!

Over the last six years I have acquired a list of newfound talents such as the art of listening (and answering) to two people at the same time, how to ignore my stroppy child while shopping, how to add extra food onto my plate because you can guarantee they will eat it if they think its mine and always buy things in even numbers ( to avoid the 'who gets the last one' argument.)

Well now I have a new talent brought on by the delight of my six year old's reading capability.  It is absolutely brilliant how quickly he has developed and is constantly reading the small print on adverts, back of cereal packets, shopping lists and telling me off if I miss a word out when reading him stories!

Now, as great as this is, this led to a challenge for Hubby and I. We have always used a 'spelling-out-the-word code' when discussing things that aren't for little ears. Things that if we waited till they were in bed would be forgotten. Mostly though it is used for 'trigger words'. If Hubby was to say he was going to take the boys to the p-a-r-k later we now hear a voice shouting to his little brother "we're going to the park!". And it's not as if we can just write it down and show each other!

So a new code was needed and backwards (so far) has been the solution. It does mean we have to shorten some words - like ice-cream is just e-c-i, and generally as long as we know what we mean the spelling doesn't have to be perfect.

And yes we have had a few looks when we do it infront of family members or in public, surely we aren't the only ones to do it - are we?

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